July 17th, 2010

Hello Everyone!  Summer is in full swing here in Southern California.  It was 107 degrees in my backyard yesterday.  Hot hot hot!  Love Broke Through released last weekend and the buzz has been amazing and exciting.  My church set up a release party and CD signing (see pictures on my facebook page) which was so awesome.  When you plan for something for so long then all of the sudden it's happening, it is a surreal experience.  I've learned so much through doing this project and am so grateful to all the people who have helped and continue to help me along the way.  God is so faithful and I am reminded everyday that trusting Him and obeying Him is really the way to having a life that all the pieces fit together...even when it's hard and challenges come, I'd rather go through them with the Lord than on my own.  Life will never be perfect but my soul can live in peace and confidence as I rest in God and move in His flow and timing.  Back to music, If you haven't heard the record yet, go give it a listen.  I really want to hear your feedback on it.  Go to the "purchase album" button on this site and you will find samples of the songs there to listen to.  Here are some lyrics from Run My Race, the second song on the record.

"Falling - feel like I'm falling You're there to catch me and gently put me back on my feet
Balancing - trying to stay steady You're there to guide me keep me focused on the dream
How am I gonna get from here to there all this baggage round my neck You say Drop the weight don't hesitate This race ain't over yet
Run run run my race - With my eyes fixed on Jesus - author and finisher of my faith
Running Running keeping a steady pace - with my eyes fixed on Jesus - author and finisher of my faith
Running - Lord I'm finally running You're there to strengthen me blaze a path for destiny
Finishing - yeah, I'm gonna finish this thing  You're there to celebrate with me
Sing a sweet song of victory!

Have a wonderful rest of your summer - we'll talk again soon!
Love, Kristin

June 17th, 2010

So I'm sitting in my little office-in-the-closet all set to write something for my very first blog on my very first web site...I've got three teenagers still sleeping soundly (at 10:00 in the morning!) and my two youngest downstairs building an entire city out of Legos.  It's June 17th and today we are getting ready for Father's Day.

BBQ and swimming along with a large ice cream cake will round out the big event as we all prepare by wrapping gifts and signing cards for dad (my husband!) It's hard to believe another year of school has gone by and now in the midst of this gorgeous summer weather, I am preparing to release my debut album.  I've worked on this record for a number of years - having to start and stop due to the ebb and flow of life simply "happening". It can get really busy raising five kids and there were times when I thought maybe this project would be shelved for good.

But God had different plans and He got me going again last year to finally finish all the tracks as well as begin 2010 with the opportunity to go back to Nashville to mix and master the album.  It has been a real journey of love and perseverance but IT'S DONE!  I really hope you like it and that it inspires you.  I desire above all that this music be in God's flow of what He's doing right now, in this season.  I pray that as you listen to each word of each track, you let them sink in and encourage you to go deeper in what God is calling you to.  

Whether you have never met Him or have known Him for years, today is the first day of the rest of your life...so go for it!  The only way to have something you've never had (but want) is to do something you've never done.

God is the greatest Dad of all and when you give your heart to Him, He pours blessings into your life that satisfy your soul beyond what you could think or imagine.  Okay, I think I hear those teenagers waking up...that can only mean one thing...BREAKFAST!  Love and blessings to you and thanks for stopping by.  More to come....XO Kristin

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